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Personal guidance and attention to employees

There are different views on the employment of migrant workers, hourly wages and housing. Our view is that, since Eastern European countries joined the European Union, employing of migrant workers is positive for everyone and there are only winners. Since the recession, the economy has been growing every year, which is why there is a shortage of workers. Our companies therefore need people from other countries. The wages that these workers earn are more than they earn in their own country, and that is how the economy in Eastern Europe is growing, where wages are being spent. For us, this is confirmation of the integration of the Eastern European countries with the European Union.

Our experience is that employees from Eastern Europe work hard and their requirements beyond working hours are limited to just a good living environment. We pay extra attention to the housing environment and invest our own money in housing to accommodate these employees. In areas where we do not have our own real estate, we work with reliable partners.

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Are you looking for reliable employees from home and abroad in the food or logistics sectors? We are experts in the recruitment and selection of competent and motivated employees. Jobbely guarantees a good investment and growth in your company or organization. The sustainable partner who takes all the worries off your hands.


The employees receive personal guidance, attention and training. You are assured of the best employees! Furthermore, we think along with you energetically about how to meet your employees' needs in the short or long term.


We coordinate all facilities and formalities for your new employees. This includes the necessary work visas, a reasonable salary, transport and high-quality accommodation. You do not have to take care of all the employer's obligations. We always provide a suitable solution and we place the best employees in the most suitable company or organization.


Jobbely attaches great importance to the quality of staff housing for your employees and expats. Therefore, we agree covenants with municipalities / housing corporations and we meet the strict requirements of important quality standards.